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Meet Our Team

Welcome to Sarah Parent Photography!   Sarah Parent is an award-winning photographer, specializing in senior portraits and weddings.  Sarah works with clothing and jewelry companies for their lookbooks and adverstising materials.  She also enjoys working with actors and models for their headshots and portfolios.  

Along with her amazing hair and makeup team, Sarah will work with you to create your dream senior portrait photoshoot.  

Lauren McKillip Hair Stylist Lauren McKillip, owner of Lola Hair Artistry, can do beach waves in her sleep and she'll make your hair look beautiful for your photoshoot.
Sarah Parent Photographer/Owner Lead photographer and owner of Sarah Parent Photography, Sarah loves helping people feel beautiful.
Morgan Myers Makeup Artist Morgan Myers, owner of MoMichelle Makeup Artistry, worked in LA doing makeup for celebrities like Debra Messing and Kate Walsh. She knows how to get you ready for your close-up.
Raves & Reviews
Jenna Harrison High School "I LOVE the photos! Thank you so much, Sarah!"
Lexi Harrison High School "Couldn't thank Sarah Parent enough for these amazing pictures! So talented!"
Analis McCutcheon High School "Sarah, thank you, thank you! I love my pictures!"
Bobbi McCutcheon High School "You're awesome!! So blessed to have you as my photographer!! Thank you so much!"
Hannah McCutcheon High School "Thank you! I love the photos SO MUCH!!!"